Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fire Station and Tutus

Yesterday the Fire Station on base hosted an open house for the kiddos.  So we loaded up in the car and headed out in search of the fun.


Little Sister.


We went to the wrong place first and ended up crashing the big kids fun at Operation Hero.  As you can tell, he wasn’t a fan of the bouncy castle with all of the 8 year olds.  I can’t say that I blame him.  It was wild and crazy in there.


Also not a fan of face painting.  He was trying to decide if he was willing to let them do it in this picture.  He decided that he would do it next time.


But he did like sitting in the “big jeep.”


We loaded back in the car and found the right place which was geared a little more toward the younger crowd.


He picked the pink hat.  I’ve been by myself with two small children for two weeks.  I wasn’t going to fight it!




Once again, Molly was totally impressed with the whole thing.


He even got to try on a uniform.


Right after this shot he fell over. And that was the end of dress up.

We came home and I got Samuel started on his lunch then went into the half bath. When I came out he said, “Oh no, Mommy! I didn’t get to come see you in the Bafroom! Oh well, we’ll have to do it next time.”  And sure enough, the next time I had a visitor.

Mike got home last night in time to see the last 13 seconds of the OSU game.  We are glad that he’s back and really glad that he took off the next three days.  If you need me I’ll be at Hobby Lobby. Or Starbucks.  Or maybe even in the bathroom.  All alone.

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Drew and Suzy said...

Well done, Stefanie! :) I'm about to do 2 weeks alone with my little one, and it sounds exhausting with only one to me...ha. I'm sure you're ready for some well-deserved rest. :)


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