Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Fun

Thursday was Mike’s birthday.  It’s never fun to have a September birthday when you work in finance as that’s the busiest time of year due to closing out the books.  So since he worked until about 8:30 Thursday evening we’re doing most of our celebrating today. 


We started out the morning with apple coffee cake for breakfast.  I thought I had candles but it turns out I only had Samuel’s candle from his cake so we improvised.  Last year I made tiramisu completely from scratch.  You can see that post here.  That did not happen this year!


Then we walked down to the marina where they were having a car show.


Samuel was thrilled since it was like running through a bunch of life size Hot Wheels.  And run he did.  You will notice he’s always on the move in every photo.  He just ran past all of them as fast as he could saying,” this is a fast one and this is a fast one and that’s a really fast one….”  I could hardly keep up with him.  Daddy and Molly strolled through and spent a little more time looking at each car.  Samuel and I did the speed version.


Then we took a swing by the boats.


See what I mean?




Then of course we had to make a stop at the playground before we headed back home.  He’s really into having friends right now and usually picks out a group to follow around.  Here he is with the group of choice today.  They were all there together for a picnic and before we could stop him he joined in for a group picture.  They are going to get home and wonder who the little boy in the orange shirt is. 

Tonight we have sitter for Samuel but she’s a little scared of newborns so we’re taking Molly with us.  She’s pretty easy to take out right now so we’ll still have a nice birthday dinner and Samuel can play to his little heart’s content.

Hope you all are enjoying a nice fall weekend. It feels a little more like mid-July here but we can dream of fall weather!

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