Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our week in phone pics

We haven’t pulled out the big camera much this week but here are a few picture from my phone.


Before church on Sunday


Take a picture of me, Mommy!


Daddy and Samuel relaxing after work.




More water pictures.


Making lemonade.


There’s not too much going on here at the Burns’ house.  We’ve cleaned about all there is to clean and I’ve made all that I can think of to make including 9 burp rags, 2 pacifier clips, an apron for Samuel, Molly’s stocking, a diaper/wipes pouch for quick trips, a receiving blanket, taggy blanket and a hat for winter time.  And now I’m starting to slow down a little so I’m glad I got all of that done while I had the energy.

Yesterday we were at Target and we had been talking about what we needed to do to prepare for all of our August birthdays we have and Samuel pulled a lacy, little, red number off the rack in the intimate apparel section and said, Oooh, Mommy, Grandma will love this for her birfday!  It’s pretty!”  And he tossed it in the cart.  So Grandma check your mail box, you’ve got a gift coming.  Ha!

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