Friday, July 22, 2011

Beat the Heat

We’ve spent a lot of time in the backyard playing in the water this summer.  It’s great because I can position my chair in the shade of the house and soak my feet in the pool while he splashes around.  (We have a rough life down here in Mississippi!)

This week was a crazy one and Samuel has been asking to go swimming all week.  Well, finally today we had no plans so we headed outside as fast as he could get his suit on.


Since we hadn’t been out for awhile we had to empty the pool and rinse it out.  His favorite part is the hose anyway.


Then we hooked up the sprinkler toy from Uncle Cason and Aunt Cori.  He’s finally able to leave it alone enough to let it do what it’s supposed to.


But he still loves to bat the balls out of the water after the hover for a second.


Then we went to the front yard so that I could clean out the car.  Samuel decided to color on the porch while I worked.  He’s finally getting to the point where he enjoys sitting and doing a quiet activity for awhile now.  (By awhile, I usually mean 5 minutes but, you know, baby steps.)


Have a great weekend!

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