Sunday, April 10, 2011

More Sunday Pictures

Sundays seem like good days for pictures.  Maybe since we’re all dressed up and generally in a good mood. (Before church that is.)  Today was slightly overcast which makes for the best outdoor pictures so we headed out again.  Our main goal was to get a picture of Mike for his LinkedIn profile but we snapped a few others in the process.


Notice a trend here?  He’s happiest when running at full speed!



IMG_6579IMG_6581IMG_6584IMG_6589blog comp

Here you go Mindy and Martha! The second picture is with Samuel at about 25 weeks.  I’m 23 weeks right now.  I’d say I’m doing a little better on the weight gain this time around.  Yikes.  Also I have a much better haircut.


Hmm…should I pose or ring the door bell?


That’s a little better.

linked in copy

And the main reason we were out there to begin with.  I think it turned out pretty good!


Martie said...

That is the most petite baby bump I think I have ever seen! She is going to be so dainty!
You look beautiful!

Jen said...

Great photos! You look beautiful, Stef! I can't wait to see the little one that will fill out the precious dress you made. I'll take a picture of our girls in the dresses you made them. Miss you all!


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