Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Summer Weather means Summer Haircut!


We’re having warm temperatures here in Mississippi which means a couple of things:  we’re spending a lot more time outside and Samuel starts to stink faster. Ha! Seriously how do you go out to the backyard for two minutes and come in with sweat dripping down the side of your face?  Boys.


Anyway,  we buzzed him short again last night.  This is my favorite look.  He always looks neat and tidy and we never have to comb his hair.  What more could a mother ask for?  So this is the way he’ll be at least through November or so.

IMG_6482 copy

This morning we took a bucket outside and painted the driveway with water.  We even made it 30 minutes before his clothes were soaked.  I think that’s a record!  By the time we went in for lunch he was dry so no biggie!  Painting with water is really on of the best outdoor activities.  It’s free and no one gets in trouble.  You can paint anything and Mom doesn’t care!

IMG_6483IMG_6490 copy

My petunias are blooming!  The potted plants may be the only thing that survives this year as my two-year-old lacks an appreciation for delicate flowers and runs right through them.  We’ll be working on that.


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Mindy said...

Why haven't we seen any pictures of the baby belly yet??


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