Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Bed

The last few days Samuel and I have been moving his things from his nursery into his big boy room.  It’s been so exciting for Samuel that anytime you mentioned his new room everyone in the house had to “Tome on, Tome on,  I show you!”  and up the stairs we would go to look at his big bed and all his new furniture.


So after all our hard work, last night was the night.  After bathtime, we all went to Ro Ro’s new room talking all the way about how big boys sleep all night in their big beds and they don’t get up.  Daddy read him a book and turned out the light at 8:00.  We were prepared for some little feet to be running down the stairs in a matter of minutes.  But we never heard from him!  And that was it.  The next time we saw him was 7:00 this morning. 


So, the first night was easy! We’ll see how tonight goes.


Here’s his completed room.  Our plan is to not play on the bed when it’s made but we were taking pictures so you know…one step at a time.


We got a little coat rack so that he could hang up his own jackets.  He’s very proud of that job.


And there you go!  He’s growing up fast.

Thank you to Mama for the furniture and to Papa and Grammy for bringing it to us and then helping us get it up the stairs. 


And now I must run.  Samuel’s in the backyard trying his hardest to catch a lizard.  If he’s successful and brings it into the house I’m in big trouble.  Mike’s not home.  Yikes.  Have a good weekend!

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Kim Garner said...

His room looks great! So proud of him sleeping all night in his big boy bed!


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