Friday, March 4, 2011

A Better Day for Pictures

It was a windy, rainy day here so we had to keep ourselves busy inside.  We saw this idea on Kelly’s Korner yesterday and thought we’d give it a try.
IMG_6212IMG_6217IMG_6219 copy
Who knew moving ice cubes from ice water to an empty bowl could be so fun?
I consider any activity that keeps his attention for 25 minutes a huge success!
Plus, it gave me a chance to practice with my camera settings since he had no idea that I was taking his picture.
We used some of his birthday money to buy some little chairs to go with a table that I picked up for free back in CO.  Now we have to get some hardware to put the legs on the table and we’ll be set.  In the meantime, we love playing with just the chairs!
I should have moved these to the kitchen where we have natural light.  The flash just doesn’t do these silly poses justice.
Seriously, don’t ask this child to say cheese.
Because it just gets worse as you go on.
And finally, the Ro Ro dance.  This is something that Mike and Samuel made up together. It basically consists of holding out your arms and running in place as fast as you can. I’m thinking you might see this move on Dancing With the Stars soon!

As you can tell, we had a much better day today!


Jen said...

Love that silly boy! So sorry for your frustrating portrait experience. I've been there. And the zoo pictures are great! You ARE a professional!

Kim Garner said...

Wow, Stef! He is really getting big! Can't believe how much he's grown since we saw you guys. Great pics:)


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