Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another First


So this was yesterday morning about 9:45. I was in the utility room and Samuel had been playing in the backyard.  I came into the kitchen to find him laying on the patio reading a book.  I ran to get my camera but of course once he spotted me he got up. 

Then about ten minutes later he was running around the kitchen table, tripped and hit his little table’s leg with his mouth.  I knew before I could even see it that it was bad.  At first there was too much blood for me to see just how bad it was and he wouldn’t let me get anywhere close to it with anything to clean it up.  So I called Mike and we went to the ER.  There was a pediatrician there yesterday so we were thankful for that.  He took one look at it and just kept cringing and saying ooooh, that doesn’t look good.  Makes a mother feel really good.  He left to consult with the ER doctor and was gone for a long time.  Then a PA came in, basically said the same thing and left.   So all three of them came in and took a good look at it, cleaned it up a bit and then decided that he would need multiple stitches.  Due to his age they needed to put him to sleep.  So thankfully, the pediatrician was there and didn’t feel comfortable doing it in the ER so we saw an ENT doctor and moved up to the surgical floor.  There, we spoke to the anesthesiologist and found out we needed to wait a couple of hours because he’d had a snack at 9:30 and he needed to go 6 without eating.  So we waited it out and about 3:30 they were able to fix him up.  Because he hadn’t had much of a nap he was pretty content to just keep sleeping for about an hour after the surgery.  He was swaddled in a sheet and covered with a blanket and didn’t want to wake up for anything.  When he finally did, he was not happy.  He wanted the IV out and the oxygen away from his face.  He ended up getting a breathing treatment because he had a barky sounding cough and that made him really mad.  Poor guy did everything he could to get away from the “smoke” and I was really afraid he was going to rip out his stitches since he was rubbing his face against me trying to hide from Mike holding the nebulizer.  But it did help, he got his IV out and a sticker and we finally got home at 6:00. 


What a day!  He did so well considering the situation and that we had nothing to keep him busy for 6 hours. When we first got to the ER he was jumping off the step at the bottom of the exam table but then after a couple of people messed with him he went back and forth between the two of us and actually wanted us to hold him most of the day.  So that made things easier.   He’s mostly back to normal today although I think it hurts a little because it’s been easier to keep him somewhat still than I thought.  And he’s letting me feed him which hasn’t happened for a long time.  I call him my little birdie because I pinch off tiny pieces and just kind of drop it in his mouth.  He thinks that’s pretty funny.  The hardest part is drinking.  We found the best thing to do is to take the stopper out of sippy cup so he really doesn’t have to suck much to get something out.

We’ve watched Dora, played with play dough, and now he’s coloring.  We’ll see how long that lasts. Fortunately we’re having severe weather today (we actually were in the half-bath for about 10 minutes this morning due to tornado sirens) so we can’t go outside anyway which helps.  They said to restrict his activity for a week.  We’ll be doing good if we can restrict it for two days!

So that’s out crazy story for the week!  Hopefully we won’t  have anymore!

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ersterling said...

Poor Ro Ro!!!! I know you were dreading your first ER visit. I'm glad it's over and done with, and I hope he'll be feeling better soon. Poor little guy =(

Jen said...

Thanks so much for the update! We've been thinking of Samuel this week and it's good to see his sweet little face.


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