Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Cars


Grandma Jane sent us a package that I thought was Samuel’s birthday present. But when we called her she said he was supposed to open it now so we decided to get it out this morning.

She knows this guy pretty well!  He’s been lining up those cars all morning.


He’s suddenly really interested in Dora the Explorer.  Really he likes Boots and the Backpack the best.  One or two days a week we turn Dora on and I mop the floor or clean the bathrooms and my helper is distracted!


And finally, I saw a cute picture frame on this blog a few weeks ago and made three of them for some church friends.  They were so easy that I decided to make some to fill the space at the top of our stairs.





IMG_6112 copy


Michael’s has wood frames for $1and I already had the paint, fabric and buttons so this whole project cost less than $6!  And the blank wall that drives me nuts every time I walk upstairs is no longer empty!


We hope our Oklahoma family and friends are staying warm and enjoying a day off!  There was a time, basically the first 26 years of my life, that I longed for snow days but having a very active toddler makes me so thankful that we live in the Deep South for this season of life!  We are enjoying the pictures and stories of your blizzard though!

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