Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tractors and potties

A few weeks ago I was out running errands and Mike and Samuel were at home finding youtube videos of tractors.  That’s something I would have never thought of…it must be a guy thing.  Well, it’s now a favorite activity for Samuel and really a great distraction while I’m preparing dinner!  It’s truly amazing the stupid things people do on tractors and then post online for all the world to see.  Some of Samuel’s favorites are tractors that plow into the water ( he says they’re taking a bath) and tractors that pull things that are way too heavy and then end up crashing. 

We attempted potty training this morning.  The first 30 minutes I thought things were going well.  He hit the potty three out of six times.  Then the novelty of the potty wore off and it was impossible to get him to sit there for more than three seconds.  Also, he potties two or three times in a 15 minute period.  (This is the biggest problem in my opinion, how in the world can you spend that much time in the bathroom?)  The other problem is that it does not bother him in the least to wear wet underwear.  He just does not care at all and doesn’t want to stop long enough to change it.  We tried it without wearing anything at all but that just resulted in pottying all over the floor which he thinks is great fun.   So, after going through 10 pairs of underwear in an hour I think we’re going to wait a couple of months and try again. 


Kim Garner said...

You'll have to give me pointers when you get the potty training thing figured out!! The tractor watching is absolutely adorable:)

ersterling said...

Oh gosh! Well, I guess he'll get there when he's a little more ready. I can just imagine him running around with no underwear on having a big time peeing on the floor!


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