Monday, February 7, 2011

Mechanic In Training

Saturday evening Samuel and Mike went out to the garage to vacuum the cars and  do othere general guy stuff.  I walked out to find Samuel checking the tire pressure.  He was quite proud of himself.  He loves to be a helper especially when it comes to helping Daddy outside.  It couldn’t make his Daddy prouder and I enjoy the few minutes of peace inside all by myself!




Friday afternoon Samuel woke up with a yucky left eye.  It didn’t seem to bother him much and I was pretty sure it wasn’t pink eye since the white of his eye wasn’t red, just the area around his eye.  But it was pretty gunky so I kept him home from church yesterday and we went to see the Dr. this morning.  Turn out its viral conjunctivitis which basically means it’s kind of like a cold in your eye.  So we got some lubricating drops and it should be gone in the next couple of days.  We did find out that we weighs a whopping 26 pounds.  He’s on his way to being a heavyweight!  Ok, maybe not but hey, I’m not complaining…it’s much easier to lug him around that way!

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Jen said...

You've got a good little helper there. I hope he has a great birthday tomorrow! Wish we could celebrate with you all. And the picture frames you made are beautiful! It's so sweet to have pictures of the boys. You inspired me to pull out all the frames I have stashed under my bed so I can have some family photos printed and put them up on the wall.


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