Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2 Years

We just returned from Samuel’s 2 year check-up a few minutes ago.  Here is what we discovered:

Height: 33 1/2 in.  25th percentile

Weight: 26 pounds  25th percentile

Head circumference: I can’t remember the number but he’s in the 82nd percentile  (Good brains Smile)

We got to see our favorite doctor today.  She said he’s doing great.  He was talking up a storm and showed her all of his body parts.  She’s really great with the little ones and he let her put him on the table and listen to his heart and lungs with no problem at all.  He even laid down for her and didn’t protest a bit.   He’s back on track with height and weight after his one year appt.  I’m convinced that you can’t get too worked up over growth issues without talking to several people first.  According to her, lots of kids take a dip in the charts around a year and she thought nothing of it at all.  Too bad we didn't see her last year when  they were sending us to nutritionists and extra appts and such!

He lucked out on the vaccines for today because we need to wait a few more days to get in the recommended time between doses for the Hepatitis shot.  So we’ll stop back by the immunization clinic when I go for my next appointment.  One of the great things about military healthcare is that everything is in one building so you never have to go far.



He has quite the vocabulary these days and he’s constantly wanting to know what things are called.  Anytime he hears a buzzer go off in the kitchen he hollers, Dinner’s ready!!”  He also likes to read books to himself and make up stories about what he see’s in the picture.  We walked with a neighbor today that we haven’t seen for a couple of weeks.  She only had one of her two dogs with her and for the whole three mile walk he was asking about the other dog that wasn’t with us.  He gets very concerned when we see other children crying and says, Oh no, Mommy!  She’s sad!  Ro Ro fix it!” Last week we opened a new pack of diapers and he informed me that he could not wear those diapers because they were Will’s. I have no idea where he got that one but he’s wearing the diapers.


He’s very much into helping and doing things himself.  When I mop the floor he moves all the kitchen chairs into the living room and then puts them back.  He wants NO HELP with this chore and takes it very seriously.  He likes to dust and put the wet clothes in the dryer.  In fact the other day I was looking for his shoes and asked him where they were.  He ran into the utility room popped open the dryer door and pulled out his shoes.  Apparently it’s a good storage area!  I haven’t asked him to do any of these things he just loves to do it.  And hey, why not enjoy it while it lasts?


He still loves to ride his bike and run outside.  He’s managed to jump with both feet in the air a few times instead of just bending his knees and then standing back up.  He’s really good at kicking a ball and getting pretty good at throwing one too. We’re still working on the catching part but that’s pretty tricky.


We have our challenges just like everyone else but overall he’s a very happy, healthy two-year-old and we’re proud to be his parents!

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Jen said...

What a good helper! When Mike was little, he told us he had a good memory because he had a "long brain". Maybe Samuel will have a long brain, too. His vocabulary is amazing!


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