Thursday, January 20, 2011

No hungy Ro Ro! More Slide!

It’s fairly nice here today but it’s supposed to get colder tonight and tomorrow so after we hit the commissary for a few essentials we decided to load up in the stroller and walk down to the marina for some play time.  As soon as we crossed the street from the walking path Samuel began yelling, “oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!”  It’s safe to say he needed some exercise!


We started at the teeter totter.


Then moved on to the slides.  He was more interested in climbing up and down the stairs today though.  That was fine because most of the slides were wet anyway.







I keep telling him to stop growing up but he doesn’t listen.


This is what “climbing” a tree looks like when you’re almost 2.


He had so much fun at the park.  The last 30 minutes we were there he just ran and ran and ran.  He would get to the road and turn around and run the other way.  We collected sticks, talked about moss and dug holes in the sand.  I love watching little boys have so much fun just being outside. 

When it was time to go home for lunch he cried and said, “No hungy Ro Ro, more slide!”  all the way home.  Poor guy.  Next time we might just have to bring our lunch with us and have a picnic.

Mike is in San Antonio this week enjoying a nice hotel and plenty of good Tex-Mex.  Samuel is missing his Daddy something terrible and thinks he hears the garage door open about 20 times a day.   As much as Samuel misses Mike, I think Mike might be missing his Ro Ro even more.  Those two are big buddies these days! 

Well, that’s all the news from Mississippi.  We’ll update you soon!

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