Sunday, January 16, 2011

IT was a cold week

Well it was a cold week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  Both weather and health wise in our family.  The weather was cold and I had a nasty cold so we pretty much hibernated for the week.  Quite frankly, our lives were pretty boring this week and there was really nothing worth blogging about.  (It’s also hard to blog while lying on the couch!)  Hopefully, we’ll be back with regular updates this week and we’ll spend much less time on the couch. Ha!




We finally had some good weather yesterday…actually it was down right gorgeous.  So after an hour of attempted napping we abandoned the idea and headed outside for some much needed playtime. 


He was so excited to be riding his bike again.  We saw the whole neighborhood and when it finally did get too cold and we really needed to head back inside the only thing to persuade him was a cookie!



He really has been such a good boy these last few weeks and we’re both ready to get back to a “normal” lifestyle.  I’m beginning to feel the first trimester yuckiness slowly leaving so that’s wonderful!  And the weather is supposed to be warm all week which means we will have plenty of outside time.

Samuel continues to amaze us with his vocabulary and says several full sentences on a daily basis.  We had to run to the clinic for a few minutes one day this week so I told him we were going to see the doctor.  We walked into the office and he started hollering, “Hi, doctors!”  Then since they were in uniform he said, “Where did Daddy go?”  He became the hit of the office and quickly learned the he could get a good laugh by performing his tricks.  On Thursday morning I got him out of bed and asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he replied, “eggs and toast!”  Well, alright then, how do you argue with that? 

I think it’s safe to say that he needs a brother or sister soon or we  could have a big mess on our hands!  He’s silly but we love him!

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