Wednesday, November 17, 2010


 Life with an almost two-year-old can be quite challenging at times.  Learning what is acceptable behavior and what is not is a constant task.  For instance, swinging like a monkey from the rings on the playground is perfectly acceptable...swinging like a monkey from the counter in the laundry room is not so acceptable.  Scaling the rock wall: acceptable...scaling the pantry shelves: again, not so acceptable. We recently received the Elmo Potty Time book from Uncle Cason and Aunt Cori.  So we've been talking about Elmo going peepee in the potty just like Samuel will do after Christmas.  Challenge:  Elmo goes PEEPEE in the potty, Elmo does not go IN the potty.  Hearing the words, "Samuel Poop" just as you're loading up in the car is another challenge.  Wolloping your friend over the head with a stuffed frog because he has the toy that you suddenly decided that you wanted is not kind and gets you in big trouble.  And the list goes on.

 But then there are those moments that make you completely forget about the challenges.  Like when you look over to the table and Samuel is sharing his Cheerios and milk with Elmo.

 And then he he helps Elmo wipe his nose.

 Note to self...put that towel in the laundry immediately!

Or when you stand outside his room at the end of naptime and hear him tell Froggy, "No touch, Roggy.  Bunny's turn!"  And then you hear kisses and hugs to Bunny and Froggy.

And you suddenly realize that he really IS learning something amidst the chaos.

And just as you finish that thought he eats a cheerio from the dirt pile you just swept up from the kitchen floor. 

Ah, baby steps.

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ersterling said...

Oh, Stefanie, this post made me laugh so much. Boy is he ever cute! Glad I'll be able to keep up with you guys after we move =)


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