Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baked Goods

My very talented and creative sister, Cori, recently started decorating cakes as a hobby and it has turned out to be quite a business! She now has a blog to show off her creations and generate new business. Go check her out at Baked Goods!

Now this is where I would love to say something like... Go on over to her blog and check out her yummy cakes then come back and leave a comment to enter to win the cake of your choice! But since cake is a little hard to ship in the mail we won't be doing that! But go over and leave HER a comment to let her know you stopped by. And if you live in Northeast Oklahoma (and let's face it, most of you do!) you should give her a call the next time you have a party or a wedding or a shower or you're just hungry for some cake!

On a side note, our new computer is in the shop getting a new video card so Halloween pictures are coming soon!

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