Saturday, September 18, 2010

More M&M’s please!

IMG_5078 Yesterday was the grand opening for the new club/proshop/event center here on base.  Since it’s right across the street from us, Samuel and I walked over with the neighbors to check things out.  There was tons of free food from restaurants around town so I decided they pork chops that were marinating in the fridge could wait until Saturday.    A local cupcake shop had a “decorate your own” cupcake stand that included toppings.  Samuel tried his first M&M’s and they were a big hit!  The picture above shows how perplexed he was that they were all gone. 

When Mike got home from work they walked back over so Mike could get his dinner and I’m pretty sure Samuel had another cupcake!  There’s really no telling how much junk he ended up eating but at least he had fun!


IMG_5082My neighbor across the street put out her fall porch decor yesterday and I couldn’t stand it anymore so during naptime I got my inside stuff out.  I’ve been trying to hold off since it’s not technically fall yet.  But my fall decor is my favorite.  I add a few pieces this year too.  The hurricanes are supposed to  be a Pottery  Barn knockoff.  Some of the supplies I had on hand and the rest I got at the Dollar Tree.  I found the idea on a blog but I can’t remember which one so I can’t give them credit.IMG_5085 IMG_5086IMG_5087 IMG_5088

Here’s another blog-inspired idea using Dollar Tree supplies.  I’m really glad that other people are so creative and are willing to share their creativity with those of us who are not quite as talented!  I didn’t spend very much money but I feel like I’ve really updated my fall decor a little bit and had some fun while doing it!




This final one I found on Brown Paper Packages last year and I thought it was so cute that this year I asked Mike to cut out the letters for me.  He did a great job! This afternoon I mod-podged some scrapbook paper on them.  I have one more coat of sealer to put on it and tomorrow they’ll be ready to display!


Now if only the weather would notice my pumpkins and cool off a bit we’ll be in good shape!

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