Wednesday, September 15, 2010

He cleans toilets too!

vacuumblog There was avacuumblog2 time not long ago that just the sight of a vacuum sweeper would make Samuel run for the hills.  Look at him now! (It was not on at the time.)  By his birthday I plan on having him  trained on laundry and toilet scrubbing too!  Ha! 


He is into helping a lot these days and I figure if he’s willing why not let him try?  When I clean the kitchen counters he uses his rag to clean the cabinet doors.  A couple of nights ago he spilled some cheerios on the floor while he was climbing down from the chair.   He picked them all up and put them back on the plate then ran over to the oven, grabbed the dish towel, and wiped up the floor.  Sometime I forget how observant he is.  We’re working on picking up toys and putting other things like shoes, dirty clothes, etc.  Most of the time he does a great job and we clap.  Occasionally he resists but that’s pretty much to be expected.  For those times if we get one toy in the bin I’m happy.  At least we're still working on  following instructions even if we don’t particularly want to.  The rest will come later.    

wreath blog

In other news, the neighborhood girls got together this morning and made fall wreaths for our front door.  I decided to branch out and pick some brighter “Halloweeny” colors instead of the same brown and red I’m always drawn to.  I think it will work through October though I still like the “prettier” fall look and less of the “halloween” style.  Samuel loves this wreath—he keeps going to the door and saying, “pretty.”  Sometimes it’s good to have some child friendly decor around.


I’m working on a baby blanket for a sweet couple at church.  They just found out on Saturday that they are adopting a baby and she will be home next week.  Since I don’t have much time I better get busy!

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