Monday, August 30, 2010

Photoshop Edits



I’ve been playing around with a few editing techniques that I’ve been reading about. 


IMG_4040 4040postedit copy

            Unedited image                                                          Edited version


My biggest problem is going overboard with the editing. I like this one though.  Maybe next time I won’t sharpen the eyes quite so much but overall I like it. 


Not much going on here in Mississippi.  Samuel is glad for a break in the rain and we spent most of our morning outside which always means a good long afternoon nap.  So I took advantage of the time and quickly got my housework done and then sat down with Photoshop and some photography blogs. 

Samuel is learning more words all the time and is pretty good at trying to repeat phrases that you say although he tends to reduce them down to one word when he’s left to say it on his own.  Please seems to be a problem for some reason so he has settled on puh-puh-puh.  Whatever.  It’s the attitude we’re looking for right now anyway, not necessarily the correct word.  We’ve been practicing going down the stairs  and he’s getting much better although it will be awhile before the gates come down.  His favorite way to go down is to scoot his feet to the very edge and then sort of just slide down to the next step.  Works great if Mom or Dad is holding your hand but not so great on your own.  He scales the rock wall on the playground just like the big kids and can walk on the balance beam when holding someone’s hand.  I’ve got to keep him away from the big kids across the street or he’ll be riding a bike before he turns two.  He wants to do everything they do, exactly like they do it. 

He has also decided to branch out in the meal department.  Recently he’s taken to frozen peas, spaghetti, mashed potatoes and chicken.   Any and all fruit is still his favorite but at least now he’s eating peas and carrots as well as the occasional zucchini stick.  So I’m glad we’re getting a few veggies in there too. 


Well, this is a pretty random post.  We’ll get better at taking more pictures soon!

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