Saturday, May 15, 2010


Well, we're on rash number 2 for the month. I guess it comes with the territory of being one. Wednesday evening I noticed his eyes kept getting snotty stuff in the corners and I thought that it was an allergy since we spent so much time outside that day. But on Thursday morning they were really yucky and he had a rash. Lovely. By the afternoon he had a fever and it was downhill from there. Friday morning we went to the doctor where they told us the rash was viral but they did give us drops for the eyes. So after 2 days of no naps and lots of crying he seems to be feeling better today. Although the rash is still hanging around. Poor boy. I'm tempted to become a crazy Lysol lady but I know you can't keep them from germs. It just happens. We've read lots of books the last few days and have had lots of rocking time. I will not complain about that!

I'm still practicing taking pictures without the flash. I have a lot to learn but it's nice to have something to work on. It keeps my brain from turning to mush! We have great light in our kitchen around lunchtime.

Concentrating on the something.

We have not completely wasted these sick days. He has mastered the word ball and tries to say block (which sounds more like gawk). It really amazes me how fast he's learning these days. It also makes Mommy and Daddy very aware of the things we say and do. Children are great accountability!

See? He can say ball!

Have a wondeful weekend!

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