Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life in the Magnolia State

The Magnolias are blooming! We found these near the playground behind our house yesterday afternoon.

I think they are beautiful!

We also have our first tomato! Now if I can keep a certain little man away from it long enough to finish growing we'll have a home-grown tomato very soon. Yea!

We didn't take any pictures on Mother's Day. But this afternoon I was practicing with my camera and took a few shots of my gift. New mixing bowls! We had a little incident a few weeks ago and my two largest Pyrex bowls did not survive. :( So, I've had my eye on these bowls at Target. They're colorful, come with lids, great sizes, and best of all--they are non-breakable! Perfect for little helpers standing on chairs helping with cookie baking. So I made sure Samuel knew exactly which aisle to take Daddy to and Mother's Day morning I found them on the kitchen table.

I also found a case for my new camera so we can take pictures on the go.

The mixing bowls have already been out to good use! These are the monster cookies we made for Wednesday night supper this evening. The cook won't be there so we're ordering pizzas and having salad and cookies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! So when did you become a fabulous photgrapher?!? These are great!
Aunt Cori


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