Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Samuel Update

I play with measuring cups while Mom makes dinner.

The backyard is my FAVORITE place.

So here are a few things that Samuel is up to these days:

  • He has one (maybe two) molars. He only lets me look for so long.
  • He LOVES to be outside. When you get close to the back door he gets excited and often cries if it turns out you were just putting something in the trash.
  • He's really into jello with apples and bananas. We eat that a lot. He's not drinking much milk so we try to suplement with yogurt. He'll gobble that up but prefers water to drink.
  • He recognizes the word "hello" and immediately puts his hand to his ear and starts chatting.
  • He points out lights and tries to say the word "light"
  • He attempts to get everyone's attention in stores or at the playground or really anywhere we are. He enjoys Mississippi--people love to chat with babies here.
  • Today he walked into the commissary all by himself. We have been practicing holding hands and going in the direction Mommy would like him to go by walking around the block every afternoon. So we put his skills to work this morning and he did great! He was so proud of himself that he waved and squealed to everyone who passed us. We stopped to watch two cars and a bicycle but he willingly stayed right with me the whole time. And we had a pretty long walk so I think he did great!
  • If you pretend like you're snoring he will lie down on the floor and act like he's asleep. I'm not really sure how we got this started but it's pretty funny.
  • He's really into imitating adults. The other day we were talking to a neighbor in the front yard and he sat down right next to her and tried to get his legs and arms in the exact position she was in. She thought that was pretty funny. But he can only sit so long so he was off and running after just a second!
  • He loves to dance and stands by the night stand in our bedroom until you turn the music on.
  • That's all I can think of. Time to enjoy the rest of nap time!

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