Monday, January 4, 2010

Life After Christmas

Newest trick--funny face. I get him to do this face a hundred times a day. Cracks me up every time.

This is by far his favorite Christmas gift. He dives out the back, over the door, climbs in and out and pushes it all over the house. I think he loves it so much because it's bigger than he is.

New hat from Grandma

I love this picture. He was decked out for the Cotton Bowl which was more than a little disappointing.

We had a wonderful time during the holiday season but I am looking forward to getting back onto a regular schedule. (Although who know how regular it will be considering we're moving 1500 miles away in 2 months. Ha!) Bible Study starts next week so we'll have an activity on Thursday mornings and Samuel will get to be with his friends once again. We're not doing MOPS this semester because we'll only get to go to three and I don't think it's worth paying the money for only 3 meetings. We might try to jump into a MOPS group in MS. We'll see. I'm also planning on jumping back into couponing full force. I kind of took a break over Christmas and my grocery budget is a bit out of control. Now I have an oven and Christmas is over so no more excuses.

My goals for this month are to plan Samuel's birthday party, clean out one room/closet a week to purge all of the stuff we've collected in the last 3 years, and wean Samuel. The last one is a biggie. I'm planning on making his first birthday the cut off date. Then I'm a free woman! I need to plan a trip over night to celebrate. Too bad the grandparents don't live closer!

Well, that's our life in a nutshell. We hope you all are enjoying 2010 so far!

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