Friday, January 1, 2010

For Uncle Matt (G)

Oatmeal-the breakfast of champions

Not really sure what they were going for here. Must be a guy thing.

On the road to Monarch


Camo man

This post is dedicated to Matt Garner who did not get to come on the annual ski trip with the guys due to a tough rotation this month. They missed you! Next year you might have to make it a surf trip. Sorry you couldn't come. We missed you! (I would have the boys give you some details but they're both snoozing on the sofa. Sorry!)

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Matthew said...

Thanks for the post! I love it! I really wish that I could be out there with all you guys.

I spent my new year's eve in the ICU at the VA, and at the stroke of midnight I was taking care of a delirious patient, helping the nurse strap him down to the bed. It was basically a wild and crazy party.

I miss the Ninja and Camo snow gear.


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