Thursday, December 3, 2009

Samuel's First Christmas Tree

He started out in the walker in the dining room with us. But he ended up behind the gate, watching from afar. He tried to pull the gate down but it just didn't work. So he finally gave up and played a little basketball.
Making sure the lights work

Wow, lights are awesome!

We always eat popcorn and drink hot chocolate while we out up the Christmas tree. Samuel had a cheerio/water version.

This is fun, Mom! (See his new teeth?)

Inspecting Daddy's work
Samuel helped us put up his very first Christmas tree this weekend. He is fascinated. We have to talk to it every time we come down stairs and he stands at the gate at looks at it all the time. He also loves the snowmen on his stocking. We have to talk to it every day too.
When he was born I was a little sad that we would have to wait so long to have Christmas with him. But he is having so much fun with the lights and bright colors. Now I'm glad that he is able to notice so much for his first Christmas.
I haven't had a computer or an oven for a few days. Our computer died Saturday and the oven went out on Sunday. Mike's CFA exam is Saturday so he won't be able to do anything with the oven until Sunday. So no Christmas baking in our house yet. But I have my list of goodies made and most of the ingredients so I'm ready to go whenever he gets it fixed (or we get a new one--not really sure yet.)
More to come soon!

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