Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sign Is Up!

Schriever is doing an exercise this week to simulate deployment situations. I'm sorry to say it but simulated Lt. Burns died yesterday about 9am. He was standing next to a trash can that blew up. It was a sad but someone had to do it. His office will miss him but since he died he got to come home and spend the day with us! (He was dead until 2 this afternoon so he just went to work a little while ago.) This is a video of Daddy and Samuel when I thought they were working on taking a nap.

The stager came over today and rearranged our house a bit and the realtor put a sign in the yard. We decided not to put it on MLS or take any showings until after Mike's folks leave but the realtor thought we could generate some interest before then. A photographer is coming Monday to take pics for a virtual tour. We'll post the link when that's up. So Mississippi here we come!

PS-Samuel's new cousin Will has a blog. Check it out at the right. It's called the Garners. He's a sweet little guy.

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