Saturday, November 14, 2009

He may look innocent...

but he's a thief!

I went to the mall this morning to take advantage of the 4/$10 hand soap deal and a $10 off coupon at B&BW and Samuel went with me since Mike was busy. I loaded him in the stroller and he was his usual entertaining self as we cruised through the mall to Bath and Body Works. He was even happy as I stopped to pick out my 12 bottles of soap. (Hey, Christmas is coming, people. I can't pass up cheap gifts.) We waited in line to check out and he was still good. I went out three different doors in Dillard's before I found the actual door we came in and we loaded up in the car. As I was folding up the stroller I noticed something pink in the seat. He stole some spa socks from Bath and Body Works! So I got him out of the car seat, back in the stroller and we headed back through the mall to return the socks. The lady I gave them to said they were right by the register so he must have nabbed them while I was checking out. 9 months old and he's already stealing. Yikes!

1 comment:

Papa said...

My Grandson was INNOCENT!!!! It was a frame up.


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