Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grammy's Here!

Grammy had to baby-sit a lot on Wednesday. I went to the dentist and then we went to dinner and the bookstore Wednesday evening. I don't think she minded her job though.

Family pic before we went to dinner.

Wait a minute, do we have to go to the mall again? Hanging out with the girls is a drag!

Life with Grammy is good!
What a week! Samuel had been rocked, cuddled and kissed a lot this week. And of course he took his first trip to the mall and Panera bread. He has an Easter outfit. He's really been worrying about what to wear for Easter so now he feels better! I'm not sure what I will do with him next week after a week of being scooped up as soon as he makes a peep! We've had lots of fun and will be sad to see Grammy go home!

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