Friday, October 14, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

The girls and I hit up our first Texas pumpkin patch with our CC friends today.  It was loads of fun and 4 hours after we arrived I dragged them out in a rain shower.  It was perfect.  The only thing we were missing was fall weather!

They had a big hill with these slides on all sides.  Molly loved it.  Avery loved it too as long as Momma went with her.  So I had to sacrifice and do the slides too.  ;)

There were plenty of photo ops.  Molly was more than happy to pose.

 We might need to work on Avery's pose.

 There we go!  That's better.

More slides!

WE eventually talked Avery into going by herself.  She enjoyed it more than it appears.

Petting some goats.

They even got to ride in a Peppa Pig train barrel.

They were a little nervous without Mom. But they were all smiles by the time they got back.

A giant trampoline.

And barrels that your could roll like a hamster wheel.

Peddle carts

Even more slides!

A rope swing.

She looked terrified every time but kept going back for more so I guess it was fun!

A mini zip line.

A cute little pumpkin

Sand piles

This is her "snap fast, I'm really busy" face


Sometimes you have to lie down at the end of the day.

A fun day with these little sisters who are becoming such good friends!

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