Saturday, July 23, 2016

Back in the Groove

 This summer has helped us come out of our "Move-to-Texas" slump.  It turns out we live in a super fun place and we've made some great new friends over the last couple of months.  Samuel finished his first year on the swim team, which is a very big deal around these parts.  He has moved on to football now and is loving every second of it.  We have some exciting school opportunities on the horizon and Molly will start off the school year as a 5-year-old back in dance classes and doing Kindergarten at home with Mom. And Avery as usual, is along for the ride.

In the meantime you can usually find us at one of many great pools or hunting free air-conditioned activities!

The night the kids came back from OK we took advantage of a stump burning to make some smores in the backyard.

A local shopping center has a fun green space that usually has a local band playing on Friday evenings.  Of course last night was the only night in July that no music was scheduled  But we didn't let that stop us from having a little fun.

This girl...ornery doesn't even begin to describe her.  Just as you think you might pull your hair out from a day of constant redirecting and struggle she climbs up in your lap, gives you a big kiss and settles that wild head down for some sweet snuggles.  She can melt your heart and drive you to the brink all in a matter of seconds.  

Molly doesn't usually care for sweating, or being uncomfortable in any way really, but she'll make an exception if enough fun is involved.

Group pics are not always easy.

But occasionally you get a keeper!  

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