Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Little Texas Update

It has been a whirlwind of a month for the Burns Family!   We are now full fledged Texas residents.  We even have the license plates to prove it.  We've been busy setting up house and learning our new town. We also don't have a desk for our big computer.  All of that explains our lack of posts but we're slowing down now and plans for the school room are in the works so we should be back to regular updates soon!

Samuel wanted everyone to see our new backyard so here are some shots from this morning:

Avery's new picture face.  Isn't it lovely?

A little better...

Molly enjoys Samuel pulling her all over the place in the wagon.

She climbs too!  I couldn't believe she got up there by herself.

But Bubba has to help her down.

And then there's this guy who climbs on anything and then just jumps off.

Little Sis is always up for a jump on the trampoline.

We love this wild-haired, sassy girl.

Even when she drops to all fours and crawls around in circles dadada-ing like a baby anytime you request that she doing something remotely helpful. 

This is the corner where Samuel perches and keeps tabs on the neighbors.  The noise factor may have increased a tad when we moved in.

We're settling in to CC, started in a ladies Bible Study and have now visited 3 churches.  So we're figuring out our new normal slowly but surely.  Come on down and visit! 

1 comment:

Uncle Steve said...

Thank you so much for renewing this page with all of the photos of the kids...I truly look forward to seeing them. I am glad that you are settling in so well.


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