Sunday, September 21, 2014

11 Months


Our sweet Avery Jane was 11 months old on Thursday. Despite the hectic life we’ve been living I actually snapped her picture on that day.  But we didn’t get internet until Saturday so here you go!


She is as happy as ever and I think we’ve made a breakthrough in the sleep department!  I forgot how great it feels to sleep all night.


She’s crawling and cruising all over the place.  She’ll even stand for a few seconds without holding on.  And she can climb the stair a little too fast for comfort.  Hello, baby gates.


(I love this pic, mothering Molly, crazy Samuel, and go with the flow, toy in the mouth, Avery girl.)

No new teeth this month but a little more hair.  It’s just all in the back so you can’t see it in the pictures.  And those big dark eyes with curling lashes are just irresistible. 

We’ve given up baby food and now she just eats whatever we eat.  So far she likes it all.  As long as we keep it coming quickly she’s happy.  She can be loud when she needs to be, usually if she’s out of food or being squashed.

She knows that we all think it’s cute when she scrunches up her face for a big grin and blows air out of her nose.  So she likes to do that when people are paying attention to her.  We’ve seen a little separation anxiety this month with the move and she’s been known to give a few people “the eye.”  Luckily for me she’s just as happy with Grandma or Grammy so that’s helpful.

We love her to pieces and I just can’t believe my baby is turning one next month!


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