Monday, August 18, 2014

Molly is 3!


Molly Burns is 3 years old!  She had a couple of friends over on Friday to play and have cupcakes but she wasn’t into the singing or game playing.


Here they are working hard on their stickers and coloring.



And she refused to blow out her candle so Meg had to do it for her.  After the cake and presents they went to play and she was happy as could be.  Not one for lots of attention apparently.


But then yesterday we had a family party and she got into that one.


Grammy made her a Minnie Mouse dress to wear to her Minnie party. Throw on some ears and we have a Halloween costume!


A few of the guests.


Dean made it to his first party even though he may not have realized it!


Little sister and Grammy


Waiting patiently for the food.


Love my accessory-crazed girl!

She loves dolls, purses, sunglasses and necklaces.  She still has a thing for her blankie and thumb.  Still a Momma’s girl too.  She loves books and friends and would rather be home than on the go.  Although she went to her preschool class this morning for the first time and declared it fun, fun, fun!  She is definitely three and wants to do everything herself and is known to lay down on the floor to pout on occasion.  We love her to pieces and can’t wait to see her grow this year!

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