Sunday, July 27, 2014

9 Months


This post is over a week late but the pictures were taken on the day she turned 9 months old.  That must count for something!  Avery’s 9th month brought crawling, clapping and cheerios.  All fun things that just continue to make life easier (but in some cases harder—she also discovered the rocks in the fireplace!)  As of last Friday she had three teeth so we’ll leave the other one for the 10 month post.  She’s an army crawler and has mastered the art of pushing herself back up to a seated position.  So far there’s not a baby food she won’t eat except bananas, she prefers the real deal, slightly mashed, for those.  She eats about 5 jars a day and nurses every 3-4 hours.  On most days she takes two 2-hour naps although she has to squeeze it all into one nap a couple of days a week.  She loves to clap and we have quickly conditioned her to clap when she hears patty-cake or “yay, Avery!”  Nighttime sleep is still a bit of an issue but we will be addressing that this week. 

She loves her siblings and she also loves the fact that she can make them squeal now that she is mobile and can reach toys and pull hair.  They’ll figure it out soon enough.  She also discovered her voice and enjoys a hollering game with anyone who is willing.  So it’s basically never quiet around here since two others are more than willing to play that game.



It was another fun month with our extra happy girl!

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