Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring, Beautiful Spring!

We’re loving the spring weather over here at the Burns house!  We’ll just soak up every last second we can before the heat runs us into the air conditioning.  Here’s a little peek into our week:


The big kids ask if the pool is open at least once a day.  The sprinkler is the next best thing.  And for the record, the ballerina swimsuit is just too much.  I love it. 


Happiest baby in the world observes from the garage.

IMG_2311 copy

The nrighborhood ducks had babies!  Our new favorite activity is to try to catch one.  Poor, traumatized little ducklings.  Sorry if we shortened your life.

IMG_2316 copy

Sisters on a walk while bubba is on school.

IMG_2317 copy

Checking out the pool and thinking she’s hot stuff for walking on the ledge.

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