Tuesday, April 29, 2014

6 Months!


Avery was 6 months old on her the 18th.  Half a year!  I just can’t believe how fast her little life is passing. 


She’s still as good as ever and can light up a room quickly.  She’s figured out babbling and can be heard dadadadaing from the backseat if she’s not snoozing.


Rolling is no challenge for her and she is pushing herself way up off the floor with her arms.  I believe she may crawl faster than her sister did.  She’s also discovered the joy of grabbing anything within reach to put in her mouth, Molly’s hair included.  Molly is not too excited about that one as you can imagine.


She loves the head tilt.  Silly girl!

For her birthday we bought her a van!  She loves it.  I’m pretty sure her favorite parts are the trunk space and the power sliding doors. 


She is just about sitting on her own. I wouldn’t plop her down and walk off just yet but she can balance for quite awhile especially if she has the boppy for support.


Happy 6 months, Sissy!  We’ve hit the really fun stage now!  Love you lots.

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