Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 Months


Oh boy!  We are entering my very favorite season of babyhood and Avery has not disappointed!  This month we have seen rolling both ways, belly laughs and lots of head strength.





A week or so ago I put her down on her tummy and she rolled right to her back.  We hardly ever do tummy time since she hates it so much so I thought it was a fluke.  So we tried again and she rolled right to her back.  She did it several more times before bedtime.  So like any loving mother, I documented the occasion on Facebook.  And she never did it again.  Then Monday she decided to start rolling from back to tummy every time we put her down on the floor.  But we’re in that lovely stage where they roll one way and then forget they know how to get themselves back to the preferred position.  So she just gets mad and there’s no hope for rolling over.  Next week by this time the big kids better watch out.  She’ll be chasing them all over the house. 

Last week we were visiting with the neighbors and two of the girls got her giggling so hard she couldn’t stop.  It’s the best sound you’ve ever heard.  And so strange because it doesn’t sound like it should be coming from her.  I’ll have to try to get it on video.



Still no teeth but she gnaws on everything and the mega slobbering has begun.  She is loving the toys on her carseat and is so excited that she can sometimes manage to get something in her mouth on her own.

She made her first our of town trip to a wedding in Dallas and was fantastic.  We left the sibling in OK so she got the undivided attention of 7 adults for two days.  She was in heaven!  So good for the little lady who gets put down mid-feeding so Mommy can wipe a bottom or intercept a disaster.  She was up until 11 and took it in stride.  We heard hardly a fuss from her and saw lots of grins and coos.

She has slowed down in the growth department and her stats remain roughly the same as last month. 





And here’s a little taste of what the nice weather is doing to the big brother and big sister.  Hello, Spring!  We’ve missed you!


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