Friday, December 20, 2013

2 Months


Happy 2 Months, Avery!  You weigh 13 lbs and are 24.5 inches long!  Just for kicks I looked up your siblings’ stats at 2 months and they weighed 11 lbs, 8 oz and 11 lbs, 12 oz. at this age.  Their heights were 22.5 inches and 23.5 inches.  So you are definitely our biggest baby but also our happiest so keep growing, baby girl! 


You still have your dark hair and your eyes seem to be hazel instead of blue so you just might be taking after your Mama.  You are smiling and cooing and love to watch your brother and sister.  You sure put up with a lot and you do it so cheerfully.  Someday I’m sure you’ll let them have it but for now you take the abuse with very little fuss. 


I’m still working on a good smile picture because your little face lights up and you look completely different.  It will come soon I’m sure since your smiles are coming more and more often. 

You get up once maybe twice each night but you go right back to sleep so it’s not so bad and I kind of enjoy getting to hold you with no interruptions. 

You are truly the sweetest baby.  So glad I get to be your Mama. 

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