Tuesday, November 5, 2013



Haven’t done much updating about life with three because we’ve been too busy living life with three!  Since my last post we’ve had a stomach virus, a cold that affected all the little people in the house and an asthma attack.  So that means two sleepless nights, a lot of laundry and some serious snuggling time for all three of them.

Now that we’re all on the mend for the moment I’ll share some pictures that haven’t made it on the blog yet.


Ma-ma got to meet Avery.  Here are 4 generations of Cole’s.


Avery went to her first church service.


We did some trick-or-treating.


Took some festive photos




And some silly ones.


And we tried to get Avery in an outfit from Aunt Cori.  Loving the jeans.


And just some I’ll remember, here are some funny things that Molly is saying/doing these days:

Insists on a perfectly clean booster seat before climbing in.  “Momma, come here.  It’s messy, messy, messy.”

Has decided that she is going to learn to use the potty.  And since we’re spending lots of time at home right now, I’m going with it.  She’s only had one accident so far today!

When Avery cries, she hollers, “Just a minute baby Avery, Momma only has one hand!”

Goes nuts when Avery touches her and thinks it’s the greatest thing ever.

Since her recent bout with a stomach bug her tummy hurts anytime something doesn’t go her way.  She’s “sick”.  Usually a belly button kiss will cure her problems.


And there you go!  It’s never dull around here but lots of fun!

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