Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Official Two Year Pics


It seems that taking Molly’s “official pictures just work out better in October.  Maybe because August is just so hot and outside photo ops turn into melting sessions for everyone involved.  Plus, October means we can pick a day that Bubba is at school.  So anyway, for the second year in a row the annual photos are taking place two months post birthday. 


But this child has changed so much since she turned two that I feel we need to document anyway!   First of all, she’s a full-blown talker. A complete sentences, full communication talker!  Apparently she decided to just save it all up until she could speak like the rest of us.  Life is much easier for her now and quite entertaining for the rest of us.


She is growing out of her fear of other people somewhat.  She now walks right into Sunday School without batting an eye.  Then can come home and tell us who was there and what catechism question they learned.  She’s a little sponge these days.


A girl after her Grammy’s own heart…she is rarely found without an accessory of some sort, usually her purse.  We now carry a purse with us wherever we go.  And it’s fully stocked with wallet, keys, phone, bracelet or necklace and let’s not forget lipstick. 




Baby dolls are also high on the list for our girly girl.  She is always pushing around a doll stroller or putting her baby to bed with Avery’s burp rags as blankets.  She sings and rocks them in the glider and loves to hang out in the nursery.


While funny and silly at home and with the grandparents this is the serious face that most others see.  I’m glad I caught it on camera because she does have a very serious side that we never really see with her brother.


Still a fan of the swing!


She’s my little buddy.  Her two favorite phrases are “I need my Momma” and “I need my biddy.” Her biddy is her blanket and I had to crochet a little square for her so that she has something in case she falls, gets scared or tired or is just being two when we’re out and about.  I put a strap on it so we could hook it to the stroller but she hates that part.  Apparently we are not to mess with biddies in any way!


So that’s it! Hopefully our next post will include pictures of our newest addition!


maryburns52 said...

We love, love, love that little girl!!!! She is just beautiful!!!

Kristen said...

Love the new pictures! She is so sweet!


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