Friday, July 19, 2013

Kiddie Park


Last night we met Mike in Bartlesville for some Barbecue and fun at the Kiddie Park.IMG_3867

Samuel has developed some fears and was not as brave as last year when he rode every single ride by himself.  This time around he only rode the ones Grammy or Daddy could go with him.  And Molly, of course, was the same.  Even so, it was a great evening and the perfect summer activity. 


Our handsome 4 1/2 year old.


Last summer when we were here Molly spent the evening in the stroller.  This year she walks, talks and rides!

IMG_3887 copy

I would ask them how they felt about the roller coaster but I think this photo says it all.  The crazy thing is that Molly looked like this on every ride but there was no way we could keep her from getting on every time.

IMG_3890 copy

This one was a little more Samuel’s speed.

IMG_3895 copyIMG_3902

Summer fun is never complete without a snow cone.


IMG_3912 copyIMG_3916





A fun night!  And today we’re laying low and recovering from a late bedtime.

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