Monday, June 10, 2013

Branson 2013


We spent last week in Branson enjoying cool weather, the lake and of course Silver Dollar City!


On the way there we stopped off at Fantastic Caverns to break up the trip a little.  Samuel thought the tour was great because we got to ride in a trailer pulled by a Jeep, two of his very favorites!  But Molly thought all of the stop and go stuff was for the birds and then when we got to the back of the cave the lights were turned off so we could watch a film and she thought it was naptime. So she screamed for her “biddy” (blanket) the entire ten minutes.  Those poor people on the tour with us.


But then we spent some time exploring the park around the cave and that was more up her alley.  As you can see Samuel enjoyed it too.


IMG_2986IMG_2988IMG_2991IMG_2995IMG_3000IMG_3023 copy

We finally got to Branson and settled in so Samuel decided to try out the pool. 


The next day we rode the ducks and later in the afternoon went to Silver Dollar City.  Those are phone pictures that I’ll have to add later. We spent all day Wednesday at SDC and then came home to cook hot dogs at the cabin.


Sissy supervised the fire starting.


Brother gathered sticks.


And helped build a teepee.



Molly missed her nap on Wednesday so after baths she went to bed and the rest of us went back outside for some smores. 


And a deer joined us!


The next day we tried fishing.


But playing on the dock was more fun.  Samuel came up with pose.


Back to fishing.


Or maybe not. Smile


After lunch a family of geese came up to our cabin and Samuel wanted me to grab the camera.  So I did!


We had a great time on our trip.  It was the first one we’ve had in 4 1/2 years that I didn’t feel like I needed a vacation from my vacation. The kids, especially Samuel, loved it.  Molly was ready to go home but Samuel asked if we had enough money to just stay until we die.  So I’d say it was successful! 


Kristen said...

Great pictures Stef! I especially love the ones with Samuel and Molly together :) Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I love watching your children's adventures...keep posting them, please

Uncle Steve

Kim Garner said...

Great pictures. And you look beautiful Stef! LOVE Samuel's comments ;)


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