Sunday, April 21, 2013

T-ball and other Stuff


We just finished week 3 of t-ball.  We’re finally starting to get the hang of it a little although one boy on our team hit it right out in the middle of the other team and there was a little tussle over that ball, so he just went out to watch that instead of running to first.  Samuel has always loved hitting and running the bases but fielding is kind of boring.  But yesterday he caught a ground ball and chased down three others and threw it right to the first baseman every time! Come watch with us if you’re in the area! It’s entertaining.


This morning we were ready early and everyone was happy so I thought we’d take some pictures.  And well, I’ll just let you see how it went…IMG_2519


He will wear those boots until we have to cut them off his feet.  The shirt was tucked in until we walked in the door at church. 


Please, mother, I’m trying to chew on this naked baby doll.


I’ll stand here but you can’t make me smile.


OK ok I’ll smile.

Would you believe this dress is a 2t?  She is one tall girl!


And finally, I forgot to take a picture of my new entryway bench that Mike built!  I’ve wanted one of these forever.  So I showed him a picture and he made one!



Yesterday we were at Lowe’s looking at planters and they wanted $30 for a little wooden box.  Well I needed 3.  Yikes!  So Mike said he had some wood in the garage and he’s out there building some right now!  Husbands are handy to have around.  Especially the talented ones!  Thanks, Babe.

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Jen said...

I cannot believe the bench Mike built! That is incredible. I have wanted one of those for years also, but I contented myself with cobbling together wooden bins on wheels. Good job, Mike! I love the T-ball pics. I would love it if we could make it to a game.


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