Friday, January 4, 2013

January Fun

What’s the best part about January?  Slower schedules and new toys!


And we have been making the most of our new stuff.  I’m not sure Samuel agrees with me but it feels good to have the Christmas décor stored away and the house back to normal, or normal for the first time since we got our stuff the week of Thanksgiving.  We’ve moved at Thanksgiving 3 times in 7 years.  We’re nuts.


It’s cold and the ponds are frozen.  The poor geese are confused and keep getting stuck in little patches of water within the ice.  Poor geese.  Samuel wants to know why they didn’t fly south for the winter.  Good question, buddy!


But the cold hasn’t stopped us from venturing out.  You never know when we’ll actually be stuck inside and for how long so we’re making the most of it.




Doesn’t seem to bother them much does it?


This is by far the favorite new toy for both of them.  It has become a daily ritual to ride around the backyard after lunch.  Samuel loves to drive and Molly loves to ride. She often looks scared but cries if you take her out.  They look so cute tootling around together.



Even the swing set doesn’t stop them.  The challenge is fun. And occasionally painful.


Discussing how they can get themselves unstuck.  Samuel did most of the talking and Molly agreed with a loud “AHHHHHHHHHH”



Happy January to all!  Come by a take a ride in the Jeep if you’re brave enough! Smile

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