Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Merry Old Soul

Saturday afternoon, my parents' church held a preschool tea complete with a royal court (you may recognize the king and queen). We've been chanting Old King Cole ever since. Samuel was calling for his pipe and his fiddlers all morning while we got ready for church. He very much enjoyed his time as Prince Samuel. He even wore his sash in through Walmart declaring that he was the prince of the Wal-Marts! Miss Molly, well you can see for yourself how she felt about the whole ordeal...

An attempt at a before party picture.  As you can tell they were not interested.

Sibling love at its finest!  She did not want his arm around her.


Molly was not thrilled about being "announced" to the court. 

She was fine with Grammy in her crown but she wasn't too sure about Papa. 


Princes and princesses entering to hear a story. Samuel was happy to see his friend Abbie again!

Learning the proper way to bow.

He was pretty good!

I will enter myself, thank you very much!

A double pick makes it a real party.

 Old King Cole

The Queen is very talented!  She can read, hold a 1 year old, a book and a microphone all at the same time!

Now she's warming up a little.
It was a fun afternoon!  We will probably never get Papa in a cape and crown again but it was entertaining while it lasted!  Ha!

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Anonymous said...

There is a very good chance that you could hear the LOUD laugh all the way to your house, that erupted when I read "A double pick makes it a real party."

Uncle Steve


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