Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can’t get enough of this girl

She’s sweet and sassy all at the same time.  And oh my does she love to be dressed up in fancy clothes.  Someday she may refuse to wear the color red (not that I ever did that Smile) and I’m sure she will wonder why we ever put her in these pants…but until then we’ll take advantage of the fact that she can’t talk!

photo 1

photo 2


Her brother is really something too.  Last night he was telling Mike about our Jesse tree story (Adam and Eve eat the fruit) and he said, “tomorrow we’ll learn about the big boat and I’m going to put it right here!”  It didn’t dawn on me that today’s story was Noah’s ark until I read through it this morning.  When I asked him how he knew that was the next story he looked at me as if I was born yesterday and said, “Mooommmmyy, they teach us this stuff in Sunday School. 

The kid already knows the order of Genesis and I can’t even take credit for it.  Crazy!


photo 3

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Anonymous said...

To Samuel anything that is new and he is learning, he doesn't realize that it was around when you were his age...So Noah is new to him, so he doesn't realize that you know about it...Someday he will start sharing all of this knowledge with his little sister, and it will be interesting to hear his version as told to Molly.

Uncle Steve


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