Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!


Remember that ER prediction in my last post?  Well it turns out that we ended up there just two days (or shall we say EARLY mornings) later.  But not for a swing set injury this time, just more of our usual wheezing, gasping for breath issues.  Samuel had a rough night Friday night and by 4:30 AM the nebulizer wasn’t cutting it anymore and we had to take him in. A steroid, some oxygen and another breathing treatment later and he was bouncing off the walls when he walked in the door at 6:30. 

Our house was being painted on Saturday so we stuck with the original plan of going to Arkansas to celebrate Aunt Cori’s birthday.


Someone enjoyed all the extra attention he got from Grandma. Smile



Turns out the candles were tricky!


Happy birthday, Cori!  Thanks for letting us crash your house  help you blow out your candles!!

1 comment:

Kim Garner said...

Poor little buddy! Glad he's feeling better now. How fun to celebrate with Cori!


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