Friday, November 30, 2012


Well, since we last posted we received the rest of our household goods, had some tummy troubles pass the through the entire family and organized and decorated our entire house (still working on that last one but we’re getting there).


But we still had to snap a few shots of cute outfits.


Molly is a full time walker now and has also discovered that she can climb.  Oh boy!  Last night we turned around and she was standing (and dancing) on a Rubbermaid bin in the middle of the living room.  And this morning she quickly made it to the top of the playground while I was watching brother’s trick.  Where’s my timid girl when I need her?!


It took a couple of days but we finally got the tree up and decorated.  The ornaments have already been rearranged several times and Samuel is quite proud of his work.  Gone are the days of perfectly spaced ornaments…or on the lower third of the tree for that matter.


Because someone we know likes to eat them!  This girl can get some serious bed head when we don’t wash her hair.


Here’s a little taste of the mantle.  More house pics coming soon!

1 comment:

Kim Garner said...

Sounds like you guys are experiencing all the same things we are! So far, we've got about 7 ornament casualties;)


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