Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Painting Pumpkins and other things


Samuel saw another class at school painting pumpkins and has been begging me to paint our pumpkin ever since.  So today we headed to Hobby Lobby after our morning jog/playground excursion and he picked out two colors of paint.  He chose blue and pink for Samuel and Molly.  He’s a good brother; until she messes with his cars.  And then it gets ugly.  You just don’t mess with a man’s cars.




You have no idea what I had to do to convince him to paint in his underwear.  I thought boys loved to be in their underwear.  Not this kid.  But Mommy prevailed and Elmo undies it was. One day he’ll be really mad at me for these pictures.


And here’s my third leg Molly.  She supervised the art project. Seriously,  I used to have neighbors who would be outside working all alone or sewing or cooking or talking on the phone while their children were playing by themselves in their rooms.  I know this because I was watching them from my front porch rocker while my own children were crawling all over me because they cannot possibly be more than a foot away or the world might end.  Remind me of this conversation in 12 years when I’m threatening to take someone’s door off the hinges for never coming out of his room.




Here he is trying to persuade me to let him paint himself since he has no clothes on.


I gave in.


Proud of his work and then he immediately wanted it washed off.  He’s not one for feeling dirty.

IMG_1125 copy

One more shot of sister.  We call her Miss Snot these days.  But she’s really cute and so sweet so we gladly wear snot on our shirts (and pants and faces)  just for her.

And in other news,  We’re closing on our house one week from today!  Yippee Skippee!!

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